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Massage practitioner's guide to pathology, special populations, self-care, and improved professional practice

About Susan


I am a practicing massage practitioner with about 40 years of professional experience.

I love to research information and write about it. I have written two best-selling textbooks used around the globe – Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice and Mosby’s Guide to Pathology for Massage Therapists. I have also contributed works to other publications including Teaching Massage, Modalities for Massage and Bodywork, Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual, and Massage and Manual Therapies.

I also like to teach. I teach regularly at the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy and travel the country conducting workshops for practitioners. I also post instructional videos on YouTube. My mission is to advance the massage profession through education and research. Students and colleagues have given me the nickname the “Yoda of Massage” because of my broad knowledge and teaching expertise. But it’s more than that… I strive to create an environment of discovery and engagement.

I love learning. I have a doctorate in education, a masters in instructional technology, and a bachelors in education. I have also completed several study abroad programs, in Ireland, Italy, and England. I also love research and have published findings of scientific investigations.

I am also an expert witness in legal cases that involve massage.

I enjoyed being on the task force for the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge. In fact, it was one of my peak experiences. Achieving Board Certification was another. And I got to be a featured expert with David Lauterstein and Benny Vaughn in the documentary, History of Massage Therapy in the United States. That was a blast!

I am a charter member of the Louisiana American Massage Therapy Association. In 1989, I was honored with Member of the Year and in 2014 with the Lifetime Achievement Award. I have served on the advisory board for the American Pregnancy Massage Association and a current member of the Society for Oncology Massage.

I am also an explorer. I love wandering through streets, museums, churches, parks, restaurants… experiencing everything they have to offer. I enjoy traveling, art, food, culture, movies, theater, books, and people.

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