We all want to succeed. Massage instructors want their students to succeed. Massage schools want their graduates to succeed. Massage school graduates want to succeed, which means passing licensing exams.

The key to learning is repetition. That deserves an encore. The key to learning is repetition. To help students pass their licensing exams, administer practice exams while they are still in school! Start administering these exams about 3 months prior to graduation. Use or compile a question bank (more later) and generate at least 3 practice exams. Administer these exams at regular intervals. Once students receive their scores, give them the correct answer and explain why it’s the correct answer. Then, let them keep their corrected exam as a study guide.

If your school uses my textbooks, a question bank with 400 items is available on the Elsevier’s EVOLVE website. Registration is required to access these and other great resources, but they are free if your school uses Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice or Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists. Both students and instructors can register. Instructors have access to all student resources as well as instructor resources. Here is the URL


Please share what has worked for you. This is one area we all need help with!