It’s 6 o’clock in the morning and I can smell the aroma of coffee drifting up the stairs from the kitchen. Mike has done his nightly magic and set the timer to percolate another pot of java (the baby boomer generation’s equivalent of Red Bull). I’ve been up for a little more than two hours now, trying to put the finishing touches on the 2nd edition of the pathology book. I’m almost a year past the original deadline and it’s scheduled to be on the shelf in December. Fortunately, I work well under pressure – I can’t sleep worth a darn, but I do work well.

Powered by sugar and caffeine, I begin work on “THE BLOG”. Sounds like a 50’s horror movie. I envision a place where students can critique my work, catch my mistakes, and make suggestions for future editions of my books; a place where teachers can exchange ideas about teaching anatomical science and massage therapy; and hopefully, a place where all (including myself) can be entertained in the process (hopefully without being consumed by a gelatinous mass of red protoplasm).